'Jane has taken up the challenge of doing for a new generation what Sir Patrick did for us all those years ago.' Dr Brian May

'Many new books on astronomy are now published every year but I am emphatic in saying that Jane Green's is outstanding.' Sir Patrick Moore, CBE, FRS

'Think Professor Cox but without the annoying soundtrack.' J G Futers, Peeblesshire, Scotland

Monday, 9 December 2013

Uckfield 105 FM
Friday 6th December 2013
Feel free to listen in to my monthly radio show by clicking the Uckfield 105FM icon at left.
Along with radio presenter Tony Williams, we discuss the 'spectacle or speck' that is Comet ISON, the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn and all things wondrous in the winter night sky.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Thursday 14 November 2013
This was such a fun evening!
After my presentation at the BBC's Sky at Night National Astronomy Festival 2013 at the Herstmonceux Science Centre and Observatory, I was approached by double BAFTA Award winning television presenter, Neil Buchanan, to give a private presentation to a small group of astronomy enthusiasts.  What a terrific night!  The Herstmonceux 'Space Cadets', as they are known, are a fabulous bunch of people who genuinely love astronomy and meet regularly to study, share their passion and enjoy the night sky.  I knew from Neil's intro that the evening would be informal which enabled me to share my earlier Winchester Planetarium lecture, 'The Wonder of the Universe' in a more relaxed, leisurely manner ... which seemed to hit all the right notes.  After a short break, we then naturally slipped into the second half which took the format of a question and answer session, followed by lively open discussion and debate which proved very diverse, interesting and always laced with copious laughter. 
It was just so lovely to be with fellow astronomy enthusiasts, who know and love their subject, in a venue that was equally warm and welcoming.  A really great night.  Thank you Neil.  Thank you Sarah Morgan for getting it organised and making me feel so welcome.  And thank you to everyone who turned up to help make this a genuinely unforgettable event.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday 8 November 2013
Feel free to tune in to my monthly radio show where I join presenter Tony Williams to discuss Comet ISON, the Andromeda Galaxy, the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury and the Winter constellations.  Also shared is my presentation at the INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium at Winchester where significant sums for Cancer Research UK were raised.
Don't forget my next appearance at BIBENDUM in Eastbourne
on Thursday 14 November at 7.30pm. 
See below for booking details.
Listen in by clicking the Uckfield 105FM icon at left.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Wonder of the Universe
Thursday 14 November 2013
at the
Bibendum Bar and Bistro
Grove Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex
Entrance fee: £10.00
Seating limited. 
A one-hour presentation followed by discussion
about the 'bigger picture'.
If interested in coming along, please advise Sarah Morgan (sarah4glebe@hotmail.co.uk)
to ensure a seat is made available.
INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium
Thursday 17th October 2013
INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium at Winchester
Though known as an author, speaker and broadcaster on astronomy, I have another life working for the British Horseracing Authority, and this astronomy presentation was instigated by a BHA Disciplinary Panel Steward.  Ordinarily our paths would cross at Ascot or Epsom Racecourse where discussions about astronomy were considered somewhat off the rails.
In my 'other life' at Ascot Racecourse. 
Photo credit: Matthew Webb
Not so this night, for the great and good of British horseracing diverted from the running rails and took a journey onto the cosmic racecourse, from the realms of the very small to the truly astronomically immense.  Following a champagne reception, the packed auditorium darkened and for an hour all was eerily quiet as we took our voyage.  I think it was shock!  But the feedback was amazing and the questions keep on coming ... but not in a planetarium environment ... on racecourses throughout the south of England!  How's that for getting off the rails? 
The purpose of the evening was to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and in this we exceeded the target.  Can't help but smile!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday 11 October 2013
Feel free to listen in to the latest broadcast where, with radio presenter, Tony Williams, we discuss the Higgs Boson and the October night sky.  Among the highlights are the alignment of the giant star Regulus with the red planet Mars and Comet ISON in the early morning hours.  And don't forget the mighty planet, Jupiter, poised to become even more magnificent.
Join in the fun by clicking the Uckfield FM icon at left.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Friday 6 - Sunday 8 September 2013

With the field in the foreground of these historical domes replete with tents and the neighbouring car park full, clearly word continues to spread about this great three-day national astronomy event sponsored by the BBC's Sky at Night.
I go every year, ostensibly to catch some great speakers and soak up the atmosphere but, particularly, to watch renowned astro-imager, Nik Szymanek, deliver his sell-out presentation.  With a fabulous projector and large screen he thrilled us all with his latest images captured with Ian King (of Ian King Imaging) using their remotely operated telescope in Nerpio, Spain.  Stunning, literally jaw-dropping stuff.
As always, there were amazing activities for all, young and old, and, with some stunning clear skies on the Friday and Saturday evenings, amateur telescopes were turned skyward to capture some incredible astronomical objects and views of the Milky Way.
On a personal note, I was invited to be a Guest Speaker on the Sunday, the title of my presentation, 'Basketballs and Beyond' seemingly hitting just the right note.  How fantastic to have a sell-out audience join me in the historic Dome B - dark, cosy and so atmospheric beneath the 36-inch Yapp reflector telescope.  We shared a journey from the tiny to the truly tremendous.  The feedback was amazing and, as always, it reaffirmed for me why I love the subject so much. 
Roll on my next private presentation at Winchester's Intech Planetarium to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Uckfield 105FM Radio
Friday 6 September 2013
Feel free to tune in to my most recent monthly appearance with radio presenter, Tony Williams, where we discuss the emergence of Comet ISON, what's in the  night sky for September and my views on a one-way ticket to the red planet, Mars! 
Click the Uckfield 105FM icon at left.
A report on the Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival 2013 will follow.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Feel free to listen in to this month's show to enjoy some, hopefully, informative 'persiflage' about the upcoming Perseids Meteor Shower due to peak on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 August.  Click the Uckfield FM icon at left.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Observatory Science Centre
Wartling Road, Herstmonceux, Hailsham, East Sussex
Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September

I shall be presenting at 1.00pm on the Sunday but check out the great Guest Speakers on Saturday too! 
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

July Show
Listen in to last month's radio show via the Uckfield FM icon at left.
Feel free to tune in at
Friday 2nd August
when, with Presenter, Tony Williams, we shall discuss the upcoming Perseids Meteor Shower and the publication of my second book, CELESTIAL EXTRA TEXTURE, detailed below and available through Amazon Kindle

Friday, 12 July 2013

I am delighted to announce the publication of my second book:

with images by internationally acclaimed photographer of animals, Tim Flach, and world-renowned astro-photographer, Nik Szymanek, this book tells a deeply personal true story, introducing astronomy for anyone not interested in astronomy and horses ... for anyone not interested in horses. 
Described as 'deeply moving' by Tim Flach, this is most assuredly a departure from the 'usual' books about astronomy and sets out to dig the subject into life not set it apart.  It is a story that sits on several shelves ... as do we.
Available through Amazon Kindle

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Uckfield 105FM Radio
Friday 17th May 2013

The Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33)
Listen in to Friday's show with radio presenter Tony Williams as we share the delights of Saturn and the Hubble Space Telescope's recent Anniversary image of the stunning Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33).
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thursday 13th June 2013
Fulham, London
in aid of
Riding for the Disabled Association
Sunday 8th September 2013
The Herstmonceux Observatory Science Centre
Astronomy Festival
Thursday 17th October 2013
Intech Winchester Planetarium
in aid of
Cancer Research UK
Above events are confirmed but more are in the pipeline.  Details to follow.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Astronomy in the Pub
Friday 22 February 2013
Horns Lodge Inn
South Chailey
A big thank you to Richie Jarvis and his team for making this such a brilliant fun evening!  What a fabulous idea.  Who says you have to be interested in astronomy to get interested in astronomy?!  I arrived at 6.00pm.  Richie, his friends and colleagues from the East Sussex Astronomical Society had all the scopes set up in the garden behind the pub - and you could just tell that even though the skies were cloudy (I mean, how else could they be?!) it wasn't going to matter a hang!  And it didn't because folk were checking out the scopes all evening.
Inside the already packed pub, walls and beams were bedecked with astro images.  A television screen at one end was all set for presentations, and so were those folk propping up the bar and filling the restaurant tables.  At 7.00pm Richie was on the microphone and took everyone on a journey to the red planet, Mars, with a thrilling seven-minute video of NASA's Curiosity touchdown thrown in for good measure.  It went down a treat and set a really exciting tone.
Next up was little 'ol me with my presentation 'Size Matters'. I wasn't sure how to pitch, so just started with our seemingly small Star and took 'the' journey out to the realms of the known Universe.  It was really fantastic to capture the unsuspecting, those who really had no clue whatsoever, who had just come along for a mildly interesting drink, or two, perhaps and found themselves discovering all kinds of things.  I could tell by the gasps and laughter that they were with me throughout ... and isn't it brilliant to distract two-thirds of those in a pub on a Friday night, so much so that they stop drinking, gather around and just stay with you.  So many that were previously uniniated were ... initiated!  That sure does make you feel GREAT!
Next up was Charlotte Clark, PhD student at Sussex University whom I was really fortunate to meet when we were both speakers with Richie at Brighton's swanky AMEX football stadium as part of the BBC-led Stargazing Live 2013 Event.  It was terrific to have time with Charlotte again, to hear all about her fascinating work number-crunching galaxies, and then to have it explained fully in her presentation, accompanied by lots of fascinating current data/images from the Herschel Space Telescope and those of her time spent in Hawaii. 
Charlotte kept the audience in the palm of her hand and had a terrific sense of humour too!
To finish, Rosemary Selmes from the East Sussex Astronomical Society gave an equally humorous and interesting presentation about her time spent working on the fabulous telescopes at the Herstmonceux Observatory.  As a big fan of the place, it was amazing to appreciate just how it must have been to work on these amazing bits of kit ... something I would have loved to have done.  Rosemary shared many personal experiences with both Charlotte and me afterwards - could have listened all night!
All in all, it was a fabulous evening and, judging from all the amazing feedback, was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Well done everyone, especially Richie, for making it so brilliant and THANK YOU for inviting me along to play a small part.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

January 2013
Angela Wintle
Read full interview by accessing icon at right.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday 22 February 2013
1800hrs until Midnight

Horns Lodge
A275, South Chailey, BN8 4BD
Tel: 01273 400422
Come and join us in one of the darkest village pubs in the south east for an evening of astronomical discovery.  Telescopes will be set up in the rear garden for everyone to enjoy the night sky.  Amateur astronomers will be on hand to answer questions.  The event goes ahead, clear skies or not!  If cloudy, state of the art computer technology will reveal the astral wonders lurking behind.  See the International Space Station as it passes overhead and marvel at the giant gas planet Jupiter.
Speakers for the evening:
Richie Jarvis, astro-imager - South Common Observatory, East Sussex Astronomy Society
Jane A Green - author and broadcaster, Eastbourne Astronomy Society
Others to be announced.
For more info, contact Richie Jarvis: 07702 705427.  Email: richie@nebul.ae

Saturday, 12 January 2013

BBC Stargazing Live 2013
American Express Community Stadium
Thursday 10th January
4.30pm to 8.00pm
Well over 500 guests joined us for this BBC-led stargazing event where not even cloudy skies could detract from a truly stunning venue that in itself resembled a space ship nestled in the South Downs!

The BBC and Stadium Crew worked hard to set up for the 4.30pm deadline and telescopes, like sentinels, stood poised for action alongside the pitch (below).
Image credit: Andy Lee: www.astronomy4everyone.org.uk
For Richie Jarvis, Charlotte Clarke and myself, as guest speakers for the Event, we had a relatively easy task to set up in one of the lecture rooms.  Less easy, however, was the issue of lighting whereby when we switched our lights off, so the entire east wing of the stadium was plunged into darkness!
Great fun was had by all!
Richie Jarvis (left), astro-imager, Jane A Green (centre), author and speaker,
Charlotte Clarke, PhD student, University of Sussex
But on a more serious note, it was a terrific evening.  It was so wonderful to witness such enthusiasm and interest in astronomy.  Throughout our talks we were joined by people of all ages.  What made it for me was the blind ex-astronomer who attended our presentations and never stopped smiling.
He confessed his joy at being involved in astronomy again.  But every gasp of wonder, every laugh of disbelief and every smile of incredulity made it worthwhile for me!
A fabulous night and so great to have played a small part.