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Monday, 2 June 2014

Encounters is a North Lanarkshire wide cultural festival with an eclectic programme that has something for everyone.  A month long feast of activity that includes authors, films, drama, dance, music, visual art and more, offered up through events, workshops, exhibitions and initiatives across the North Lanarkshire area.
I have been invited to be a speaker at this year's Festival on Monday 6 October 2014.
The historic Airdrie Observatory
The event will take place in the historic library of Airdrie Observatory.
I feel honoured to have been asked and very much look forward to the evening.
More details will be provided when known.

Monday 2nd June 2014
Feel free to listen in to our monthly show where, with presenter Tony Williams, we tackle the topical issue of this month's summer solstice.
We also share tomorrow's rare triple transit of Jupiter's moons, an event next repeated in 2015 but then not again until 2032!  Noctilucent clouds and this month's planets also add to the mix, and a whole heap of fun besides! 
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Don't forget to join us again at 1030hrs on Wednesday 2nd July 2014.
Keep looking up!